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 Who is MAP?

MAP is the Media Association for Peace, the first non-governmental organization in Lebanon, the Middle East and North Africa region dedicated to work on the role of Media in Peacebuilding, Conflict Transformation and Social Change through the concept of Peace Journalism.

It is non-partisan, non-governmental, youth-led organization, founded in 2013 by the journalist and peace activist Ms. Vanessa Bassil.

MAP was registered in 2013 under the number 812 at the Lebanese Ministry of Interior. The name of the organization is inspired by the metaphor of Peace Journalism that is defined as a “new road MAP” for journalists (Lynch & McGoldrick 2005).

 Mission & Vision

The vision of MAP is to get to media that play an essential role in peacebuilding especially in conflict and post-conflict areas while enhancing Human Rights, Dialogue, Reconciliation, Citizenship, Gender Equality, Environmental Awareness, Sustainable Development and Social Justice in order to reach a less violent, more peaceful world.


For that, MAP’s mission is spreading, advocating, training, developing, practicing, and researching the model of Peace Journalism through workshops, trainings, seminars, conferences, public discussions, reporting projects and publications, while creating strong support networks, in Lebanon, the MENA region and all over the world.

MAP Objectives

1. Spread and advocate Peace Journalism

Spread and advocate for the concept of Peace Journalism, and activate its on positive peace reporting, while expanding the network of the Peace Journalists locally and internationally.


Train media students, young media and communication professionals, activists and journalists on the theory and practice of Peace Journalism, and develop their intellectual, cultural and professional capacities.

Raise awareness

Raise awareness about the role of media in peacebuilding and social change and promote empathetic, positive, ethical, conflict-sensitive, gender-sensitive, socially responsible and solutions- oriented media.

Create partnerships

Create partnerships between the media sphere, academic institutions, civil society and governmental organizations that share MAP’s vision and values and that are consistent with the Lebanese laws and context.

Enhance the role of Digital Media in peacebuilding

Enhance the role of Digital Media in peacebuilding and raise awareness among “Citizen Journalists” on the usage of Digital and Social Media in a responsible and constructive manner.

At , we believe in: Humanity, Love, Peace, Justice, Integrity, Respect, Non-violence, Solidarity, Dialogue, Diversity, Openness and Teamwork.

Peace Journalism:

A Needed, Desirable and Practicable Reform


An article by MAP founder and president Vanessa Bassil

Published in the Peace & Conflict Monitor


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What is Peace Journalism?

Peace Journalism is when editors and reporters make choices     of what stories to report, and how to report them – that create opportunities for society at large to consider and value non-violent responses to conflict (…)

It uses the insights of conflict analysis and transformation to update the concepts of balance, fairness and accuracy in reporting. (…) It is peace, truth, people, and solution-oriented” (Lynch & McGoldrick 2005).

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