Spread and Advocate for Peace Journalism

Train media students, young media and communication professionals, activists and journalists on the theory and practice of Peace Journalism, and develop their intellectual, cultural and professional capacities.

Peace Journalism Research & Development
Raise Awareness

Raise awareness about the role of media in peacebuilding and social change and promote empathetic, positive, ethical, conflict-sensitive, gender-sensitive, socially responsible and solutions- oriented media.

Create partnerships

Create partnerships between the media sphere, academic institutions, civil society and governmental organizations that share MAP’s vision and values and that are consistent with the Lebanese laws and context.

Enhance the role of Digital Media in peacebuilding

Enhance the role of Digital Media in peacebuilding and raise awareness among “Citizen Journalists” on the usage of Digital and Social Media in a responsible and constructive manner.

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Media, Peace & Conflict (MPC)

This is MAP’s core program. It seeks to analyze the bonds between journalism, conflict and peace. It encompasses the Annual Peace Journalism workshop alongside numerous important activities.

Media, Peace & Human Rights (MPHR)

Human rights are essential for building and preserving peace; thus, they must be protected and defended with the help of the media. This program aims to show the link between media, human rights and peace and emphasizes women’s rights.

Media, Peace & Environment (MPE)

As natural disasters increase, MAP believes that it is our collective responsibility to care for the environment. Therefore, this program engages the media in Environmental Peacebuilding.

Media, Peace & Development (MPD)

MAP believes that development is a pre-requisite for peace as well as peace is a condition for development. This program focuses on both the role peace journalism in development and the role of development journalism in peace.