Media & Peace Programs


The “Media, Peace and Conflict Program” is MAP’s core project. Through MPC, the Media Association for Peace explores, expands and teaches the links between journalism and peace. Major activities in the MPC Program include Annual Peace Journalism Workshops, Public Discussions about Peace Journalism, Digital Journalism Workshops, Peace Journalism Symposiums, and various international events.     


The Media Association for Peace believes that human rights are a powerful tool for building and maintaining peace. As peace journalists, we have to protect and defend those rights. MAP’s “Media, Peace and Human Rights Program” considers the relationship between peace journalism and human rights.

At MAP, we also see that “women’s rights are human rights.” Our “Media, Peace and Human Rights Program” thus gives considerable attention to the role of media in advancing women’s rights.


Climate change and the increasing number of natural disasters urge us to act now on environmental issues. Lebanon’s ongoing garbage crisis highlights the problems of environmental mismanagement and the need for sustainable solutions. Our “Media, Peace and Environment Program” explores the connections between nature and peace journalism, focusing on the emerging concept of “environmental peacebuilding.”


MAP believes in positive peace. Far from the mere absence of conflict (negative peace), true and sustainable peace requires the presence of human rights, healthy environment as well as development. justice. Our “Media, Peace and Development Program” explores how media can play a role in improving development locally and globally. MAP’s first Workshop on Development Journalism encouraged more than twenty-five young journalists to consider how their reporting impacts development realities.


To apply for an internship position within Media Association for Peace, fill the application form. Send the following documents at : CV, copy of your ID and two reccomendation letters.