Mission & Vision

MAP seeks to get media involved in the peacebuilding process, knowing that they are key actors towards reaching a world where sustainable peace prevails. In this regard, MAP aspires to get media to shed light on Human Rights, the need for Dialogue and Reconciliation, and the necessity and benefits of gender equality on the society. MAP also aspires to raise environmental awareness, to upkeep sustainable development and to encourage social justice. The organization works on achieving this mission and reaching this vision by advocating, training, practicing, and developing the model of Peace Journalism by both holding and attending trainings, workshops, conferences, public discussions and seminars. Additionally, MAP publishes journalistic articles and audiovisual reports applying Peace Journalism, as well as forms partnerships with other institutions in Lebanon, the MENA region, and the world.


MAP works to achieve 6 main objectives, which are as follows:

Advocating Peace Journalism

MAP seeks to encourage media and young professionals to focus on positive peace reporting within their work. By doing so, it expands the network of Peace Journalists locally, regionally and globally.


MAP works on introducing the concept of Peace Journalism to media professionals, activists, students and journalists through training sessions, conferences, seminars and its annual Peace Journalism Workshop.

Raising Awareness

MAP aspires to get media professionals, to acknowledge the impact that they have in peacebuilding and conflict transformation so that they can orient their work towards providing solutions to societal problems and strive to promote social change, human rights, gender equality, and empathetic and positive values.

Forming Partnerships

MAP strives to form partnerships with media associations, academic institutions, and governmental organizations which share MAP’s values, thus aiding MAP in reaching its vision of lasting peace.

Enhancing the Role of Digital Media in peacebuilding

MAP aims to strengthen the role that Digital medias play in peacebuilding and social change, alongside shaping “Citizen Journalists” who are responsible and ethical in their use of Digital and Social media, aware of their impact on society and on the need to utilize them constructively.

Peace Journalism Research & Development

Spread and advocate for the concept of Peace Journalism, and activate its on positive peace reporting, while expanding the network of the Peace Journalists locally and internationally.

“I applied to MAP 1 year ago, and I was accepted into the Volunteering and Internship Programme (VIP). 6 months later, I was employed by the organization.
I experienced many things, among them how to be a solution-oriented journalist.
I can both define and sum up my experience at MAP, as 1 year of learning, exploring and applying peacebuilding into my work.”

Kenan Fakhoury
Syrian Journalist