Peace Journalism and Development

MAP organized a workshop entitled “Peace Journalism and Development” on July 27th, 2013 at AltCity in Hamra. Thirty journalists, media students and activists attended the workshop. The Founder, President and Executive Director of MAP, journalist and peace activist Ms. Vanessa Bassil started the workshop by defining the objectives of the association which include publishing, researching, training and developing the concepts of Peace Journalism and its relation to social and inner peace.

“Peace journalism addresses people’s concerns rather than the speeches of politicians. It provides opportunities for citizens to express their needs and interests. It is a platform for those who have solutions to problems, rather than for those who disseminate political propaganda and divide the sons of one country.” Then, journalist and Ph.D. student at the Doctoral School of Literature & Humanities & Social Sciences at the Lebanese University,  Ms. Veronique Abou Ghazaleh, spoke about the core points of development which she learned within her specialization in “Media and Economical Development”, using the definition of development and peace according to local communities,  and pointing out their diversity that is related to different economical and political systems, clarifying the relationship between development and peace and the role of the media in this relationship.

A series of news reports were screened about development issues such as poverty and unemployment before the participants were divided into groups to propose development problems and solutions that could be evolved in a news report or investigation in order to apply the concept of peace journalism. “Development is root of peace, and peace is the basis of development” concluded Bassil and Abou Ghazaleh.

The workshop has ended with the distribution of certificates to the participants of the workshop, and the announcement of publishing the best development reports that reflect the essence of peace journalism.