Team Testimonials

“I applied to MAP 1 year ago, and I was accepted into the Volunteering and Internship Programme (VIP). 6 months later, I was employed by the organization.
I experienced many things, among them how to be a solution-oriented journalist.
I can both define and sum up my experience at MAP, as 1 year of learning, exploring and applying peacebuilding into my work.”

Kenan Fakhoury
Syrian Journalist

“What I enjoyed the most about my internship at MAP was being involved in the 6th Annual Peace Journalism Workshop both as a participant and an organizer. I also liked the “Young Arab Voices” project because it was new and different.
I would like to thank MAP President Ms. Vanessa Bassil because she is the best boss in many aspects.
Finally, I felt that the team was like my second little family and I have many unforgettable memories with each member within it.”

Lea Hajji
Law Student, Lebanese University

“Volunteering with MAP was a major contributor to my personal growth.
Not only was I able to learn many skills that I believe would be of great help to me in my career, but I was also illuminated by the idea of peace journalism and its ability to contribute to resolving conflicts.
Most importantly, I understood myself more; for example, I figured out that I work better under pressure which helped me in my university life and during other activities.
Moreover, being part of MAP made me aware of my responsibility as a member of society.”

Hayl Al Salehi
Psychology Student, American University of Beirut

“I joined MAP in June 2015 for a 2-3 months internship; I didn’t expect that it would last for a whole year.
What I liked the most in MAP is that it has youthful vibes and an energetic atmosphere to work in.
Throughout my year of interning at MAP, I have grown as a person.
MAP gave me the opportunity to be responsible and committed in the different positions which I have held.
What I experienced at MAP and what I gained from it can’t be easily described by words. All I can simply say is: Thank you MAP, and mostly Thank you Ms. Vanessa!”

Hadeel Al Hubaishi
Business Student, American University of Beirut

“During my internship, I learned that I can do things which I was not quite taught how to do at school or at university, with the guidance and support of my supervisor and other MAP members.
I am particularly thankful to Ms. Vanessa for all the things that she has taught me, and for pushing me to learn on my own.”

Nada Al Qabili
Public Administration, American University of Beirut

Since joining Consulting WP in 1998, Alice has developed extensive experience in large-scale transformation and strategy work, often in connection with mergers.

Adam Buschemi
Global Leader and Client Team Chair, Broad Burk