2nd Annual Peace Journalism Workshop

Based on the success of the first workshop, Ms Vanessa Bassil decided to organize another workshop the following year. She participated in Active Citizens training with Development or People and Nature Association in Lebanon funded by the British Council. The program organized a competition about the most innovative idea of a social change initiative whose winner will be offered small grants to make it come true. Ms Bassil presented her idea about Media and Peace, and won the competition.

For three days from the 18th till the 20th of April 2012, 15 young diverse media students came together at Social Movement Center in Badaro, Beirut, to learn about how they can make a change in the politicized Lebanese media institutions. They understood the sensitivity of the word and image, and the influence they have on the audience. They also took the May 7th incident as a case study within which they analyzed the media coverage about what was at the time a local conflict, and learned about citizenship, the coverage of religious conflicts and the principles of peace journalism. They discussed important topics, reflected, explored, had fun and made friendships. They found in the workshop aspects they could never see in academic classes: games, active participation, strong interaction and creative learning tools. Learning by doing: this is how they learned about Peace Journalism and their role in transforming conflicts and achieving reconciliation in a post-war country like Lebanon.