International Day of Peace 2012: Launching MasterPeace club of Lebanon

The Lebanese Young Peace Journalists celebrated the International Day of Peace 2012 on Friday 21st of September.Coming from different backgrounds and representing the diverse Lebanese society that holds in its unique composition a wonderful richness,the Lebanese Young Peace Journalists demonstrated that Peace units them despite their differences, and that their belief in Dialogue and Non-violence is shared with many young Lebanese who are trying to make a change in their community.

They celebrated this special occasion by showing the aspects of the Lebanese culture and Lebanon’s traditionsthrough food, music and dancing (Dabke). They also strengthened their social relations as well as their inner peace through reflective activities, games and entertainment, putting MUSIC above FIGHTING, DIALOGUE above JUDGEMENT, BREAD above BOMBS and CREATION above DESTRUCTION! (Masterpeace principles). Afterwards, they signed a declaration of Commitment on that day, created by them.
In addition to that, they represented Peace through their own artistic talents, as they believe that, although they are journalists, words are not the only way to express ideas and thoughts.

The international movement Masterpeace that supported their event featured them in an international film that showed the celebration of the International Peace Day in different countries. They portrayed to the world that Lebanon also knows how to celebrate Peace, and that wars and conflicts are not the only part of our history and present! Peace is a right, need and necessity!