International day of Peace 2013

Media Association for Peace and MasterPeace celebrated on the 21st of September 2013, the International Day of Peace, at AltcityHamra, from 5.00 pm till 8:30 pm, with the participation of students from different universities, journalists, representatives of local and international associations, and the ambassador of the Dutch embassy Hester Somsen.

The celebration was hosted by a member of MasterPeace Lebanon, journalist Elias Bassil. It began with the national Lebanese anthem, followed by a speech given by the president of MasterPeace Lebanon Anna Maria Daou, in which she talked about the importance of peace, and how the association is working on spreading it in Lebanon and the Middle East. Finally, Anna Maria thanked the attendees for joining the event, and the Dutch ambassador Hester Somsen highlighted the efforts of MasterPeace Lebanon and Media Association for Peace members.

After that, a movie from the Founder, President and Executive Director of the Media Association for Peace Ms. Vanessa Bassil was shown; it was sent from Costa Rica, USA. Additionally, another video was presented showing last year’s celebration of the International Day of Peace, with a documentary of the journey of Media Association of Peace.

The celebration started with a dialogue session between youth representatives of the youth sector, from the Future party Khaled El-Hage, and Amal party Abed Kanj, with the presence of the civil society from Tripoli represented by Mr. Elias Khalat. Within the dialogue, they all talked about the importance of spreading inner peace among Lebanese people, and finding a common ground between the Lebanese societies.

After finishing the dialogue session, the celebration began with music, poetry and songs. The young man Abdul Rahman Daboura pitched a poem in which he talked about his personal experience with peace. Daboura was followed by a musical show of the Brazilian squad Segundo Bloco, led by Keven Safadi, who added to the celebration a special taste with his band consisting of 15 players. Then the singer Roudy Al-Rahi sang Wadih Al Safi, on the melody of the “Oud”, and Melissa Dano, a young lady, performed English songs, accompanying Michelle Sfeir on the guitar. As for Dima She’aitani and Lina Houssein, they both drew artistic paintings, merging between Lebanon and peace.

Finally, Farah Assi, the vice president of Media Association for Peace, distributed appreciationcertificates to the band, painters and singers, on behalf of MAP and MasterPeace, and thanked the administration of Altcity, and all of the people who believed in the International Day of Peace, and participated in making this event a successful one